Thursday, November 5, 2015

If my book ever became a movie, I would love Anna Kendrick to play Piper!

As I continue to work on the second book in the Netherworld Trilogy, I had a dream that I received a call from Hollywood about making my first book into a movie.  They asked me to decide who I would want to try and get to play Piper. The name that came to me over and over was Anna Kendrick!

After watching Anna over the years in her movies, she has show her ability to have a massive range and makes you believe she was born to play that part. Piper is a major character in the book and goes through a large change when they ultimately end up in the alternate realm.  She goes from being just a human female to a female elf fighter/magic user.  Her mindset has completely changed based on becoming and thinking like an elf.  Ms. Kendrick has the amazing ability to flip the switch and make both identities of the character believable to the audience.  

As I continue to work on the series, Piper will quickly become an even stronger character now that she has adapted to becoming and living the life of a female elf.  Piper was already one of the most dangerous people to the group's enemies and as she hones her craft as a magic user, she will only become more powerful in the realm that they now live in. 

Anna Kendrick is an exceptional actor and would fit the role of Piper perfectly.  I know I was only dreaming when the idea came to me, but stranger things have happened.  Escape from Netherworld is the type of story that would work well as a movie, at least that is what I believe and have been told by many people who have read the book. It has tons of action, humor, some romance and a wide audience that could go from young adults all the way up the scale to people who would be nostalgic about playing Dungeons and Dragons with their friends when they were younger. There are large battle scenes, wizards, ogres, orcs, druids and much more. 

The basic premise of a group of friends going from dressing up and playing their characters on a set of caves near their home to falling into an alternate realm and actually becoming the characters that they played would be a new idea for Hollywood.  If this dream would ever come true, the first person I would ask to be involved is the beautiful and talented Anna Kendrick!