Wednesday, September 16, 2015

2015 Readers' Favorite Awards

The Readers' Favorite Book Contest announced the Award Winners on September 1st and my book, Escape from Netherworld, won a Bronze Medal in the Fiction - Epic Fantasy Category.

I was excited because past winners for a Readers' Favorite Award include James Patterson and Jim Carrey won a gold medal for a children's book that he wrote. The Award ceremony is going to be held in Miami, Florida and here is a link to the 2015 contest winners:

I also received 5 reviews from their professional reviewers, who believe me, really go over every detail and have a point system for critiquing the book. I actually had one reviewer point out that I did not use contractions enough throughout the book.  My point is out of my 5 reviews, I received three 5-Star Reviews and two 4-Star Reviews on a scale of 1-5. Here is a link to my review page and further information about my book:

One of my favorite things is that they will be displaying my book at the upcoming Miami Book Fair. Ten of thousands of people will be there in Miami.  I am excited for the ceremony and the fair.

I am in the process of writing the second book in the series, not sure of the book title yet but the series will be called the Netherworld Trilogy.  It is thrilling to receive the Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal to go along with the bronze medal in Fantasy that i won at the 2015 Ippy Awards.  It gives me confirmation that it is the right thing to do and continue the next book in the series.

Thank you to everyone who has read the book and supported me this past year and for those who are interested in possibly reading the book, you can go to my website and it gives you options on where to buy or download it, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.