Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hazel, One Strong Woman!

Hazel, a human female magic user in the book, may just be the strongest character overall.  She is married to Miles, a human cleric, but she is the outspoken one between the two.  She will get her point across and you will listen.

Hazel also has to be the mediator between several of the friends.  She has to be the listening ear for Piper but also needs to keep things in perspective so the group mechanics stay strong.  Without the other friends realizing it, she is controlling who knows what and she also does most of the travelling back and forth when the group is separated.  She decides what the rest of the group knows is happening in multiple places.

Hazel also feels in her heart that she may belong in this realm and has come here for a higher purpose, a reason that this all has happened to her and her friends.

Hazel may not be the fighter with a sword that Borhai or Flerick is, but she has the capability to do the most damage to their enemies with the spells, wands and rings that she carries.  

I have gotten a good bit of feedback from readers and fans and many of them have said that Hazel is their favorite character in the book.  Powerful magic user, intelligent and knowledgeable, while still being the peace maker a good amount of time with her friends. 

If you have a favorite character, let me know who it is and why you like them the most out of the friends in the book.   Or, it can even be one of the groups enemies that intrigues you.