Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 IPPY Awards

The Independent Publisher Book Awards Ceremony is May 27th in New York.  I am proud to announce that Escape from Netherworld, my first published book, has won the bronze medal for best fantasy novel by an indie author in the national category. I am very excited and want to thank everyone that helped make this book possible. 

I am working on the second book in the series now and hope to be considered again when it is published. This award will motivate me further to make the 2nd book in the series even better than the first.

2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Results

Here is the links to the results:

11. FANTASY - Bronze

Product Description
Escape from Netherworld, a thrilling tale of a group of friends whosesimulated war games go awry one weekend, sending them into an alternate realm from which there appears to be no escape.  The friends go from playing the game to living the game, as they become the characters that they created.

Travel along with these friends as they embark upon one harrowing adventure after another, befriending druids along the way and battling ogres and orcs with the help of an array of magic weapons. Watch them try to outwit the evil wizard who seems determined to keep them in this alternate world.

The battle scenes are vividly drawn and charged with suspense.

Will the group ever escape from this alternate world? 

You will find yourself rooting for them until the final outcome!

For David Kuklis the love of science fiction and fantasy began at an early age, when he and his brother, inspired by the game Dungeons and DragonsTM, staged similar games in their backyard and nearby woods. His uncle, a marine paralyzed from the neck down in Vietnam, usually ran the indoor games around the table, and his father was the inspiration for Twiggy, a major character in this book.